StarTracker VR

StarTracker is a robust and world locked technology for tracking VR head sets in large areas

StarTracker finds its position in space by tracking small reflective stickers in real time and ultra-reliably

The small stars give the system its robustness, reliability and accuracy.

Robust, World-locked, Positional Head Tracking for Virtual Reality – enabling real walks in virtual environments

Current VR devices have focused on individual-user immersive experiences. Next generation systems require multi-user interaction and movement in large scale environments. StarTracker VR enables this through almost limitless, world-locked positional head tracking.

StarTracker VR brings a new dimension to Virtual Reality. It is reliable and robust, with almost limitless commercial and industrial applications including training, simulation, education, research, physiotherapy, arts, planning, design and out of home entertainment.

StarTracker uses reflective stickers - "stars” that are stuck to the ceiling while an upwards-looking camera calculates its own position in real time from the constellation of stars.

This patent-pending, broadcast-proven system is robust, unaffected by lighting changes, reliable and extremely accurate.

StarTracker VR will allow for highly immersive VR experiences in larger spaces and practical working areas, allowing VR to finally transcend its room-scale boundaries

by Mo-Sys

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Proven and successful in the broadcast industry for tracking cameras in virtual studios
for big players like NHK, BBC, FOX, ESPN, SKY and many more


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